The development of an extensive hi-tech product base is a mayor consideration for the Indonesian government and this has led to regulatory reforms that encourage hi-tech participation. It is therefore timely for us to enter this exciting sector.

PT. Meissica Abadi is one of the companies in Indonesia pioneering the business of supporting, manufacturing and supplying hi-tech products to aerospace, marine, railroad, telecommunication, oil & gas, mining, and industries.

Established in 2001 with head office in Jakarta. PT. Meissica Abadi is continuously developing its potential, creating innovations and adopting  new technologies.

Due to the coming globalization era, PT. Meissica Abadi has seen the chance and anticipating of the coming foreign business player and facing it positively and took this opportunity to make a relationship with the foreign Principles.

Based on the new transportation (air, railways, and marine) regulation reform in Indonesia as the basis of the development of air transportation have made us to take the opportunity and to play the role in this business. We do not want to waste this opportunity and consistently handle as good as possible. It was proven that since established in 2001 PT. Meissica Abadi has been succeed on Aircraft Engine, Aircraft Engine Components and spare parts, Support of railways need which are proven that PT. Meissica Abadi capable to play it’s roles on this “hi-tech” business.









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